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Mitchell’s is the only major food company in Pakistan today with fully integrated operations having its own growing and processing facilities at one location. Modern high-volume industrial equipment, professional management and a trained workforce all combine to ensure that Mitchell’s continues its dominance as the innovator, market leader and trend setter. In this regard a major step was taken in 1998, when Mitchell’s became the first food company in Pakistan to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation, thus becoming more competitive on the international stage also.

Countrywide sales are managed by fully computerized and inter-linked regional sales offices ensuring a smooth distribution system with nationwide coverage. Highly qualified executives, using modern management tools, handle marketing, commercial, financial and accounting functions from the Head Office in Lahore.

Institutional Clients
Mitchell’s has successfully catered to the demands of its prestigious clients such as, leading five star hotels, clubs, Utility Stores Corporation, Canteen Stores Department, main stores and reputed restaurants in major cities.

Foreign Licensees
In recognition of its dedication to quality and technical expertise, Mitchell’s was also given proprietary rights by L. Rose and Company Ltd. of England in 1946 to become the sole manufacturer and distributor of their world famous Rose’s brand of Lime Juice Cordial and Lime Marmalade in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Corporate Philosophy
The success of Mitchell’s brands is the result of the corporate emphasis laid upon Quality Control reinforced by Research & Development. The R & D section prepares new recipes and formulations whereas the QC section ensures selection of the finest fruits and error free processing and packaging, thus ensuring that all products live up to the consumers’ high expectations.

Human Resource is also of the pivotal importance for the management and employee skills are constantly being updated through training courses and study tours both at home and abroad.


Status Of The Company

Public Limited Company

Registration Number: 0000019

National Tax Number: 0225837-4




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